Price List (As of December 1, 2010)
***Please note that prices are subject to change at any time

If you bring me an item to monogram or applique:

Monogram/ or Initial (up to 4 inches)- $5.00
Small simple applique (one fabric applique-up to 5 inches)- $8.00
Medium simple applique (up to 7 inches) or Small multi fabric applique (up to 4 inches)- $10
Large Simple applique(up to 12 inches) or Medium multi fabric applique- $13
Large complex applique, names, and multiple letter appliques-$15

Bow embellishment to applique $1
Rhinestone Embellishment $1 (for every 4 swarovski crystals)

The following is a list of prices for my items (must add cost of applique/monogram from price list above to the item price)

Hooded and Pullover Sweatshirts $25 (includes an monogram/applique)
                  add $12 (to line the hood with fabric)
                   Add $5 for name or monogram on the front pocket or on the back of the neck

Short sleeve Girl T White/Colors- $12/$14
Long sleeve Girly T White/Colors- $14/$16
Short Sleeve Frill shirt white/colors-$16/$18
Long Sleeve Frill shirt white/colors-$17/$19

Long Sleeve Empire Dress White/Colors-$24/$26
Sleeveless Sleeve Empire Dress White/Colors-$24/$26

Frill Bottom Interlock Shorts White/Color- $12/$14
Frill Bottom Pants white/color- $14/$16
Leggings white/color- $12/$14

Onesie Short Sleeve or Longsleeve white/color- $12/$14
Baby Gown white/color-$14/$16
Frill Bloomer set (includes the frill shirt and bloomer bottoms)-$18

Short Sleeve Boys T white/color-$12/$14

Long sleeve Boys T White/Colors- $14/$16

Pillowcase Dresses
$25-$38 (includes applique)

Aline Dresses (inlcudes mongoram or applique)
$28 (monogram)

$32-45 (applique and/or monogram)
additional charge:
covered buttons $3
full name/big brother&sister applique: $3


gingham shorts- $15-$20 (depending on fabric/size)

ruffle shorts- $18+

Pants and bloomers:

pants- $20-$25

girls pantaloons (hit at calf)-$20

girls pantaloons (hit at ankle)-$20

Monogrammed Ribbon bloomers $14-$22


Add Ric Rac, bows, Ruffles or other adornments -$1- $8

Payment is due before sewing will begin. If you are interested in ordering email me at

Payment options: payment may be made through check or we can invoice you through pay pal, allowing you to pay via credit card, debit card, or check.