Friday, August 5, 2011

Price List

***Please note that prices are subject to change at any time***

All prices include applique and/or monogram of your choice, but some applique's will possibly have an additional fee (i.e.-full name applique tee's)


Boys Short sleeve- $17

Boys Long sleeve- $20

Girly s/s tee- $17

Girly l/s tee-$20-$22

Boys and Girls Short/Long colored tees: $22

Girls Frill shirt- $20.50/  22.50 colored
Girls Frill Shirt L/S-$23.50/ 25.50 colored

Tee Shirt Rompers:

Short white- $22

Short colored- $25

Long (any color)-$25

Additional fees:

Full name applique (including "big/little brother/sister")-$3

tee shirt dresses-$22-$28

A-Line gingham dress:

$28 (monogram)

$30 (applique and/or monogram)

Custom Birthday Dress-

$36 Aline style dress
$35 Pillowcase  style dress

additional charge:

full name/big brother&sister applique: $3

Additional fees:

Full name applique (including "big/little brother/sister") - $3

larger sizes (anything above 5/6)- $2
girls empire dress w/ leggings (with ribbon trim)- $38

Girls long sleeve tee w/ knit ruffle pant- $32